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I was picking up a few things at the Wal-Mart located outside the Wisconsin Dells and noticed some good deals on ammo. .45 auto, 9MM, and .22 Stingers at really low prices. Tula .45 at $15.00 per box. Not great ammunition but not bad either. Anyway, checking out I was asked for ID. Since I was pretty obviously over 21, I asked why. The clerk, a nice guy who should have been in a fishing boat instead of working, told me it was to prevent sales to Illinois residents! I was surprised, to say the least. I told him that as far as I knew it wasn't illegal for out of state residents to buy ammo. He said it was company policy ONLY for Illinois residents. I was also asked if the ammo I bought was for rifles or pistols. I said all three could be fired out of both. Why the question? He told me that he honestly didn't know. If I had been an Illinois resident I probably would have raised a fuss. I know all about their stupid firearm owners cards, but how does that affect Wisconsin?


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Wow, I've been buying .45 and .380 ammo from Walmart all summer and I have never been asked for ID or any of those questions. I'm guessing it is specific to the areas surrounding IL. Walmart needs to quit acting like they are part of the IL police force and take care of their customers...


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I by Federal Ammo at Walmart here in Kansas and they most always ask the handgun/rifle question here. The reason being that you have to be 21 to buy handgun ammo but you can buy rifle ammo at 18. As I am 57 I have no idea why they ask ... habit I guess ... one look would tell them that I am probably older than their dad :)


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They asked me that question for 12 ga slugs. Rifle or handgun sir? Um really, did you have to ask that? I said neither.


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:sarcastic:When asked for an ID, I get a big smile and say "thank you"
Gary - Age 65:sarcastic:

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I'll have to check again at my local Wally World. But they haven't put any pistol ammo (except .22s) up for sale as yet.



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Now when they ask me "rifle or handgun" I reply "Yes.". It always gets me a funny look. Kinda like the shotgun shell purchaser above.

Also if I'm buying .30-30 and your ask me if it is for a handgun? I've never seen a .30-30 handgun outside of a Thompson Contender.

The funny thng is when I was young enough for this to matter I always said rifle and then when home and loaded the .22lrs into my Ruger Single-Six.

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I was asked for my ID when we sat down for lunch in Tennessee on our way to Athens and I raised a big roar about it. Thinking back now, I should have taken it with a grain of salt at the time but I hate taking anything out of my handbag just to prove something? Was I under trial and suspected of something? Anyway, I only buy .40s and .22s at Wally's and have never been asked for an ID or anything, and if someone will, I will tell him to go to hell.


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Here in VT all they ask is if it is for a handgun. Nothing else. Although when i was there yesterday, a new associate asked me that question. When i bought a 100 rnd bulk pack 12ga 7 1/2 bird shot. I told her it was for a handgun, she smiled and said "That's nice." She had no clue........


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Never been asked that in the great state of Arkansas, but then again I live in a rural area, and hunting and shooting is the norm.


The only question they ask in TX is, "Are you sure that'll be enough rounds?"

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