Wake up, America! We are at war!


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I think people may well be missing the seriousness of the collusion and treason that General Milley, speaker Pelosi, and Defense Secretary Esper were engaged in on or about January 8, 2021, when Milley went around President Trump, and the Departments of Defense and State to tell our enemy, the Red Chinese, he would warn them if a strike was ordered by Trump. I believe it will dwarf in significance anything we have seen to date in American history.

Last night I commented on the treason of General Benedict Arnold during the American revolution in his attempt to sell out the tactically important defensive fort, West Point, on the Hudson River to the British. Arnold wanted a British officer’s commission and a sizable pension in exchange for the post of West Point he commanded.

On the night of September 25, 1780, British General Clinton sent his adjutant, Major John Andre’ to secretly meet with Arnold. Instead, Andre’ was captured and subsequently sold Arnold out to his patriot captors. Armold was forced to flee capture and conviction for his treason. We were at war with Britain at the time.

We are at war with Red China today. We may buy all of our do-dads, clothes, groceries, and everything else from China, but don’t believe for a minute that we are not at war eith Communist Red China. Don’t believe me? Ask Taiwan. Ask our Afghan friends—if any are still alive. Look who own Baghram Air Base now (the Chinese). But not Biden, Pelosi, and Milley. They are not at war with China. Like the Taliban, they are allied with China; not the interests of the United States.

We are still at war with the Taliban (just wait and see). But Biden and Milley and Gen. McKinzey, USMC, CENTCOM commander, aren’t at war anymore with the Taliban or Red China; heck, they have joined forces.

Milley, whether anyone else is ever formally connected, sold out not just President Trump when he called his Chinese counterpart to assure our enemies that if Trump ordered a nuclear strike on them, that he would phone them ahead of time and keep the attack from happening—a strike President Trump never even thought of. It was all to set up President Trump as a ‘rogue’ mental threat. It was treason. It was treason against President Trump, the Constitution, and the American patriots that elected President Trump in 2016.

It was also a potential military coup. But the consequences of Milley’s betrayals have already cost lives, and will yet cost untold lives around the globe.

Gen. Arnold’s treason miserably failed. Gen. Milley’s treason has only just now begun to be seen. They work for Red China now. If we don’t stop them now, we will all work for Red China in the end.

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