wait time for CCP in Surry County NC and more ??


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hello guys and gals. i am new to the board but have been reading for several weeks.

i was wondering if anyone had any idea of how long it would take me to get back my ccp in surry county NC. i took my class on 9-16 and turned in everything on 9-17. i was hoping to get it back before sept 11 just in case. i know that might sound crazy but oh well i am only 22 and just now am getting around to take a ccp class and i dont work in the best areas.

i have already researched sub compacts and i liked the db9 at first but something last minute turned me onto the ruger lc9. i searched 4 local gun stores and found the best price and have already bought it with an extra clip and a iwb holster. is this a good choice for a small frame guy carrying for the first time?

any help is appreciated

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