WA State Online Free Licence Checks.


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WA State Online Free License Checks.

This is a very handy set of links for WA state residents, get ready to book-mark some if you read on. Slightly off-topic if you are looking for CCW licenses but they are in there! You won't find a list of who owns them anywhere I looked, that's the domain of [closed] LEO/BATF searching/dispatch or NIC/FFL's.
The next time you want a job done for you by a company, person or corporation it is worth checking these sites out B 4 U sign anything, the folks I have sent it too have managed to get the best services and weed out the ones who show problems in their very revealing free to the public @ no cost data-bases which provide a LOT of information on anyone running any business that requires a license on file or ones who claim to be something but have no license or it expired eons ago! It's updated monthly and every time a license is granted or renewed, all legal professions, gives you a complete bio (who, what, when, where, why and how) and most facts on whomever you are looking for or at. If they have a license to do what they tell you they can, please go a little further than the Yellow Pages ads, these sites provides IMHO the best listings to help you make wise choices when contracting anyone to do just about anything for you, or your company, club or the places you frequent.
Link Removed Accept their cookies or U may not get in but your search leaves no paper-trail back 2 U that U got to checking up on them.
By selecting the 'Lookup Contractors and other Licensed Professionals' options, you can search to make sure the contractor(s) or person(s) you are hiring is actively licensed, with a current bond and insurance *, and an electrician, plumber or elevator mechanic is certified (licensed) in Washington. The search will also show how long they have been licensed, if they have any lawsuits against their contractors bond (construction only) and if they have been sited for violations of the various construction laws governed by the department.
* A dear friend of mine needed roof-work done after the ice-storms in January we had in Spokane, hired the cheapest company she could afford, and 1 of their workers an uninsured roofer fell 30ft off a ladder & busted his spine/legs and she is STILL paying for his 6-figure medical bills, just one example of many I know of 1st-hand.
Use the Lookup Violations link to search the list of violators of the contractor registration, electrical, plumber or factory assembled structures laws. This search shows all violators and violations whether they are licensed or not.
Also of use on this web-site are: 'Get a form or publication' and ' Find a Law (RCW) or Rule (WAC)' Adobe PDF downloads.
Maybe not the best link I have posted to do with weapons on this state sub-group, but here are some that play right into what USA-Carry is all about: Dealers (Firearms), Firearms, Guards (Security), Private Investigators, and Concealed Pistols
Link Removed (No U won't find a list of the 700K+ owners of CCW permits, just all the info you need to obtain one in WA) But U do yourself no favor by not at least looking down that voluminous list of people or businesses that are related to most aspects of your life.
These are just some of the professions they list. The folks I know who later came back to me with very real horror stories I witnessed with my own eyes only wished they'd checked out the business before the damage was done in many cases, and on the other end are those who came back to me singing the praises of a job very well done.
I hope this helps serve the WA State patrons who have other concerns than weapons and covers a lot more than just building work, if you dig deeper to this site: Link Removed
This is a basic state site for info on common licensing matters like plates or drivers licenses, forms, requirements, points of contact, locations, hours of operation and FAQ's
A very useful sub-category of that site is even more revealing:
Link Removed Use the link: Link Removed This web-site gets really interesting, in-depth and covers much more than the above URL/portal with the same current full disclosure data on file about those who you do business or even pleasure with:
From Accountants to Youth Shelters and all the ABC professions in between listed here:
Link Removed There are a LOT of professions that I never even figured you would need a state license to perform!
Armed with both web-sites it is not hard to figure out who is worth your time and money and who may leave you in court trying to sue them for damages. :butcher:

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