Vitter Holds ATF Nominee Michael Sullivan


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(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today announced his intention to place a “hold” on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms nominee Michael Sullivan. A “hold” is a legislative procedure used by a U.S. Senator to block a nominee's confirmation hearings.

“I had concerns about Michael Sullivan’s nomination prior to meeting with him and following that meeting those concerns have only increased in number,” said Vitter. “It is clear that the ATF is continuing policies that place an impossible standard on gun owners when it comes to applying for a license as well as not allowing for a reasonable method for gun owners to challenge these overly burdensome regulatory policies. I need to see more willingness from the nominee to address these problems before I can allow his nomination to move forward,” added Vitter.

Vitter expressed a series of concerns relating to Sullivan’s nomination and to current policies practiced by the ATF. Specifically, he questioned ATF policies that hold gun owners and dealers to unreasonable standards, often leading to extreme actions based on errors in paperwork. He also scrutinized the alarming rate of veterans being added to the National Instant Check System by the ATF, which often unfairly denies them of their second amendment rights, and criticized the lack of an adequate and fully funded appeal system for gun owners to challenge over-aggressive ATF regulation.

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