Visiting N.C. next weekend...


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Hello All,

I will be visiting N.C. next weekend. My girlfriend wants to attend a Renaissance Fair. I know that N.C.,like S.C., has no carry in places that serve alcohol for consumption. Ren Fairs serve alcohol, so do the same rules/laws apply as say a restaurant? I know the answer seems obvious, but I wasn't sure because of the transient nature of the Fair. I appreciate any help that is forwarded to me.


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It's not the alcohol that will exclude carry, but events that charge admission and carrying at crowded events like a parade are excluded.

Go to this link, Link Removed and click on "NC Firearms Laws Publication 2011"

The laws change on Dec 1, 2011, so the current laws are in effect until then.

Carry safe!

Timothy Bryant

Yeah as previously mentioned what will keep you defenseless in that scenario is that we aren't allowed to carry a handgun anywhere where and admission is charged. This even includes movie theaters which irritates me to high heaven as I was once shot coming out of a movie theater for no reason. North Carolina's restrictions are just TOO much.


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Sorry to hop on this post, but i will be going to Hatteras for a fishing trp and will be carrying concealed except when going to dinner - Then open carry. Should that be ok.


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We don't have restaurant carry, yet, so if the establishment serves alcohol, you can't carry. The funny thing is, you could open carry.

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