Visited a Different Range in Orlando Today


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I went to the East Orange Shooting Sports Range on the East Side of Orlando this afternoon to look at a Maxpedition Fatboy Versipak. What a nice place. The store portion is a little smaller than the Shoot Straight II range in Casselberry. The range has either the same number of stations or a couple more. It is well lit. Their online pix justify that. The staff was friendly and helpful. I asked about an HKS magazine loader and ended up buying the UpLULA loader instead. An employee loaded a magazine with 45ACP Hornadys to show me how it worked. My concern was that last round, when the magazine spring wants to show who's boss. The loader worked very well. The one difference between this loader and the HKS (aside from the looks) is that you must have your magazine sitting on a flat surface because you must push down with enough force to make the UpLULA work.

Oh yeah, the Maxpedition Fatboy Versipak: I carry a backpack to work and back daily; I take the bus (by choice). So I'm used to carrying a purse. (Call it what you want, guys.) The Fatboy has a pouch made for a handgun with a quick-open zipper closer. Gee, like the P220 Compact I just bought. How coincidental? They also sell an elastic "holster that attaches to the velcro inside the pouch for perfect positioning. Losta other nifty compartments for magazines, cell phone, a water bottle, etc. I'm probably gonna get one of these. At least it's on my list.

One last thing: their range fee was something like $8.95. Not for an hour; for all day. If I'm wrong on that I imagine I'll BE the target the next time I visit them.

Sorry for the necroposting but I second East Orange Shooting Sports as a great place to shoot. My wife loves to go with me because the staff is very nice and not the stereotypical gun store jerks that are found in some places. And yes, you do shoot all day for the 9 bucks.

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