Viridian Green Laser Sights ???????????????


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Does anyone here have any experiance with the Viridian Green Laser Sights, if so please share your thoughts on this product, was it worth the money?

I'm considering buying one, but I wanted some input from others before I shelled out $350.

I purchased a Viridian X5L for my Springfield XD(m) 9mm in January. This is the gun I use for IDPA and is also my 'house' gun. The sight is very versiatile and has no problem holding it's zero after removing it for IDPA competitions. I have laser sights on all of my handguns (mostly CT's), but the Viridian is the only one with a series of options for both the laser and the light. Well worth the cost of less than $300.00 from Adorama.
I agree

"BLIND MAN SIGHTS"? Put in a little more time at the range and learn to shoot!

Laser sights have batteries...batteries die. Get some good Tritium night sights and learn to use them well. Also lasers and tracers have two things in common they work both ways. You know where the round is going and they know where it came from.
Save your money and go for some laser grips or some other brand, Green is of such a high intensity that although it is real cool to be able to throw a dot in full daylight, you can trace the beam back to a point of origin in low light, not so for red.... Also the green lasers draw more power so battery life is severely limited as compared to the red.....

N I disagree the dot is real helpful for fast target acquisition and re targeting when in stress fire, it also helps to aid the confidence of low use shooters, so if you feel the need go buy one and ignore the rest....
Well guys, this is an old thread, I bought one about two months ago and I love it! After using this I don't think that I could ever go back to Red.
Yep! Got a Veridian for my Glock and I love every minute of it. Mind you, I can outshoot my husband anytime, with or without the laser. I practice in both, with and without. My veridian cost less than $300 too. I bought it at Adventure Shooting Pro ( the only con that I can think of is that it is hard to find a holster that will accommodate the laser too. This is the reason why mine is off everytime but when I do go target shooting, I gotta have it in my gun. It's fun. One advantage that was told to me by my son is that this green laser can hurt the eyes of your opponent.

P.S. My dogs like my laser too...the horses in the stables are quieter to have than 3 dogs trying to run after a green dot...:sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic:

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