Victims of BATFE Infringement: Olofson Family Needs Your Help This Christmas Season


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Olofson Update Family Needs Your Help This Christmas Season

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks to the many of you who receive our alerts, David Olofson's family has been well-taken care of for most of 2008. Unfortunately, that situation may be changing.

You will remember that this past summer, Olofson was sentenced to 30 months in a federal prison in Minnesota. He was convicted in federal court of transferring a malfunctioning semi-automatic firearm which the ATF claimed was a machine gun.

After his conviction, Gun Owners of America became the lead gun organization fighting against the ATF’s persecution of Olofson. Among our many concerns was the fact that The Gang could use precedents like this one to prosecute any gun owner who owned a malfunctioning firearm. For the ATF, a gun that misfires is an excellent opportunity to rack up an easy conviction on an illegal machine gun charge.

In August, GOA submitted an appeal challenging Olofson’s conviction at the district court level. You can read GOA's briefs at:

GOA also set up a relief fund to help pay for his family’s mortgage and car payments. For those who contribute to the Olofson Relief Fund, their credit card is charged monthly for the amount they have indicated. This will continue until Olofson is out of prison -- or the giver notifies us to discontinue the charges.

You can help contribute to that fund here.

In September, Olofson’s wife, Candy, told GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt that because of the financial help that GOA members have given, she did not have to get a second job, and thus, she is able to spend time being a Mom.

Again, that situation is changing.

In the past couple of months, some of those who had signed up for monthly contributions have had to discontinue their giving. (Remember, those who sign up to help the Olofsons can discontinue their contributions at any time.)

Candy would like to avoid taking on a second job, so she can be at home with her kids. But then again, she doesn't want lose their car or home, which of course is what will happen if she cannot make the payments.

You guys have been a real blessing to Candy and her children. While GOA continues to provide the legal expertise to free Olofson from prison, we would like to make you aware of the need that has now arisen for the Olofson family.

Would you please consider making a one-time contribution to the Olofson family?


Some have wondered why we didn't apply for a presidential pardon. The problem is that a request for a pardon on Olofson's part would conflict with his current appeal.

To request a pardon, a defendant has to express his remorse while asking for executive clemency. In essence, he has to admit his guilt. If Bush did not grant him the pardon, then Olofson would be stuck, having admitted his guilt. He would be doubly stuck -- having admitted his guilt in a situation where there is nothing for him to admit guilt to!

Moreover, when this case first went to trial, the prosecution offered Olofson a "deal" where he could admit guilt in exchange for a lesser charge (a misdemeanor). Olfoson rejected the deal, arguing that he did not want to admit guilt when he did nothing wrong.

We certainly don't blame him. But that is yet another reason why an executive pardon would be out of the question in Olofson's case.

ACTION: Please go to the Olofoson Relief Fund to sign up for monthly contributions -- or even to make a one-time gift. This fund has been set up to allow concerned Americans to help the Olfosons make their mortgage and (their one) car payments while Dave is unable to work.

One-time donations to Olofson Relief Fund are exactly that. But if you choose the monthly giving option, then your credit card will be automatically charged each month for the amount you have indicated. As stated earlier, this will continue until Olofson is out of prison -- or you notify us to discontinue the charges.

Thank you... and Merry Christmas!

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