Vets Enforcing Laws Cops Will Not


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Very interesting video. A vet corrects an Illegal Flag display

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We need more of this. We need to stop pandering to the vocal minority and take our country back. GOD BLESS THE USA
Don't piss of a Vet doing crap like that! I'd love to shake his hand!
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Wow, I didn't know that was actually illegal. As he started cutting the flag off I said to myself, he should be using a KBAR! And well, that's what he was using! Good for him!
Don't piss of a Vet doing crap like that! I'd love to shake his hand!

I hope you don't think anyone here was????? I have to applaud this VET. After you serve your country in the armed forces, the flag takes on a whole new meaning to you.

Other countries need to understand you mess with our flag you mess with those who love it. For the people that burn it in protest, well if they are in this country I will be more then willing to help buy them a one way ticket out.... That's what I don't understand, burn the object that represents the freedoms you are trying to express by burning the flag. Makes sense to me..... NOT!
John McCoy Retired Navy Vet

Every time I hear or see something like this I wonder how I would react if I were there and saw it first. Now I know! I wish I could shake his hand and thank him for a lesson learned. HOO YAH!
Semper Fi'........... It warms my heart to know there are Vet's out there that have no problem standing up for there country, that they so proudley served, and defended... God love them,, More Amaricans should do the same..
Amen to this

I'm sending that video to everyone I know. It warms my heart and I would stand behind that vet any day. It amazes me that someone can come into this country and have the nerve to enjoy the free market and free society and yet not support the honor of the nation. I've never seen this happen before, but I would hope to do the same as this great american. The flag is the most important symbol we have. It represents everything we stand for and the freedom we fight everyday to keep. It shames me to see others treat it with disdain. My flag hangs properly oriented in my place of habitants and when I retire it, I will retire it with honor.
They had him on fox news and it looks like they are going to charge him with destroying personal property! What a crock! Every Vet in the area should besiege the courthouse and show their support for him. Reno claims it's not illegal to fly another flag on top of our flag. That need to change! If a law was needed it's one to protect our flag. Too many Vet in history have died to protect our flag. I get a tear in my eye when I hear the National Anthem or see our flag raised or lowered.
... it looks like they are going to charge him with destroying personal property! What a crock!

Absolutely Unbelievable how can these jokers come to my beloved country and get away with crap like that?


Nice to know there are people out there...Men, Women, VETS - doesn't matter...who have the balls to do what needs doing. We'd all like to think that we'd do the same, but when faced with it, few of us really know. It's one thing to get pissed off and speak's quite another to lay your balls on the block and let the chips fall. If it were so easy, we'd all...ALL of us here! walking around with sidearms on our hips daring The Bastids to do something about it, why don'tcha?!? I've considered it, especially in light of where I live and feeling about the US & NJ Constitutions (see my signature) the way I do. But the hit is hard, and it's a lot to risk. Maybe, one day, if I really, Really, REALLY get my fill and it takes me past the point of giving a sh*t . . .
My hat off to this vet. When we joined the military we took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath didn't end when we left the military.

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