Very Disturbing email I just received...


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You mean is he rude and offensive and pretty much everything listed as what should NOT be happening? Yes, he is. Detroit just likes to use the forum to attack and piss off people.

I am beginning to realize that fact. Thanks for the heads up jg:)


Umm, no he hasn't. Check YOUR facts too.

PolitiFact New Jersey | U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance says government debt has grown by $3.4 trillion during the first 29 months of the Obama administration

"An April report by the nonpartisan Pew Fiscal Analysis Initiative analyzed the difference in the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s projections of publicly held debt and the actual debt from 2001 to 2011. The report found that about two-thirds of debt growth -- expressed as a percentage of the gross domestic product -- during that time resulted from new legislation, some of which was enacted under Bush.

The report said the Bush tax cuts, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 2009 stimulus are three of the five "most significant legislative drivers" of the debt, but also notes that "no single policy or piece of legislation, however, is overwhelmingly responsible" for the increase."
OK... double-checked my facts. You were right. Obama hasn't created more defecit than all other presidents combined. He created more defecit than all presidents up to and including Ronald Reagan. Spliting hairs here.

In fact, according to records published by the Congressional Research Service, if the current bill is passed and the debt limit is increased by $2.4 trillion, the two largest debt-limit increases in U.S. history would come in back-to-back years, both during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Up until now, the largest increase in the debt limit was the $1.9 trillion increase passed by Congress and signed by President Obama on Feb. 12, 2010. That law increased the debt limit from $12.394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.

I looked at the Pew analysis and the data is slightly skewed.My sources were Newsweek, Fox News and the Washington Post. But by God don't trust the Star Ledger!!! That's a horrible source.

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