Vary good reason to teach your wife/girlfriend how to use a firearm.


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I'm so happy this lady took a stand and shot the scumbag. Not everyone can pull the trigger when it comes down to it. Also happy the law is on her said with the shooting. But i cant help but stop and ask. If she had not been raped a few nights before. Would the law have still have been on her side with this shooting?

YouTube - Woman With Shotgun Kills Rapist in Self-Defense (MO)

good for that woman! and good bye to a scum bag. I am glad my wife likes guns. and that guy's death was totally justified.
Awesome. I'd like to see a lot more attempted rapes end up this way. If only she'd had a shotgun on his first visit.
11 Felony arrests and 5 Prior Convictions, including a PRIOR RAPE!!! What was this asshole doing out on the street anyway? Folks, you and your women better arm yourselves. Evidently your government, local, state, or federal, is not concerned about you enough to keep dangerous predetors behind bars to protect you. While they have these people in their hands, they choose to let them go back into society to prey upon us. We pay these jerks alot of our money in the legal/penal system to prosecute and take custody of these people to keep them from doing further harm. Instead we get Liberal Whiners on Parole Boards and Judges with no spine and no nuts, who handle these animals with kid gloves. So it is totally apparent that we are on our own, and have to fend for ourselves. Unless something drastically changes in our governments, we have basically been thrown to the wolves and the elite asswipes have gone to a 3 martini lunch. Show this video to your wives, daughters, sisters or any female you care about. Then ask them do they really feel safe in this country anymore?:mad:
One less piece of crap to worry about. She did everything correct and protected herself where the police couldn't. I pray that she was able to get on with her life and that she was able to cope with the outcome.
The peace officers I know all say they cannot protect the public because there are not enough of them. We all need to protect ourselves, men, women, and children when they are able. There is no reason to ever think we need to rely on anyone but ourselves for our own protection everywhere we go, but especially in our own homes. The "Castle Doctrine" or laws like it should be the default laws of the land. That's my 2 centavos and I'm sticking to it.
oh my gosh--this poor girl---------he raped her oncebefore---then cut off the power to her home---and was going to rape her again-----
oh my gosh--this woman was raped----her power shut off from her home by this man--and he came back again----he deserved what he got to be sure--

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