Van Hollen wants to make America like Maryland


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This guy needs to be stopped. Maryland's gun laws suck as it is. This guy is a d**khead and a gun grabber.

Van Hollen: Expand state's gun laws nationwide - The Star Democrat - Easton, Maryland: Local

Yeah that guy borders northern DC and he is so good (liberal) that 5 Maryland counties tried to secede from MD 😨

sinful nature is always hostile to God....
Once the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are properly disposed of, he can do as he wants...

Until that time....since both the United States Constitution and the Bill of rights remain relatively intact....

He can kiss my Lilly white bottom.

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Maryland is a "may issue" state. They will only give out permits to "good" friends and such.

Wonder if this moron has a permit from MD??? Or if he has armed guards??

It is very very difficult in Maryland but not impossible. Must satisfy the MSP good and substancial clause. If you are dedicated and committed it can happen, but because of guys like this most are unable to have their 2A freedom.

sinful nature is always hostile to God....
I believe this is the mindset of the MSP. I have a friend that is a retired MSP officer and we have had several go-rounds about guns. He believes Nobody but the police should have guns. Nobody. I on the other hand believe everyone that wants one should have one, and is entitled under the 2nd Amendment to own one or more. I was raised in MD., But live in a neighboring state and don't even go back to MD unless absolutely necessary because I can't carry there. MD loses millions of dollars in tourist revenue because people that carry won't go there, or pass through and won't stop.

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