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This is a MUST Watch Video.

VERY Long...and VERY Worth it!!

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Oy! There's a note at the bottom of the Video screen that says the video can only be viewed by 20 people at a time. Don't give up! It's popular, but it's worth waiting for!
I watched it. It is pretty long,but ABSOLUTELY worth the watch.Thanks for posting it.
I also try to constantly remember the part of the Constitution that mentions illegal searches and siezures.I keep watching the cop shows on t.v. where the LEO asks 'Do you mind if I take a look in your vehicle?" and the suspect says "Duuuuuuuuuuh no,it's ok.Go ahead" and they bust him.I would say yep,I DO mind,unless and untill you show me a warrant.
That's me.
Really good video. I cought this one off a blog awhile back and it was eye opening because I think we all forget or don't realize how black and white the law really is. There's no emotion about what you've said or done, just did or didn't do it.
I've seen that one before. Great video with a lot of great info. The way they get around illegal searches and seizures is by having an unscrupulous Judge to sign off on anything they want.
This guy knows what the heck he's talking about. I wonder if he has any other videos similar to this one floating around on YouTube.
Valuable video

To the person who asked about what part of the Constitution coverd searches and seizures, that would be the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Something to the effect that the people should be free of unreasonable searches and seizures without due cause and a proper warrant.
Holy macaroni can Professor Duane talk fast!:eek: I think he piled about 30 minutes of speech into 10!

But yes, excellent video, excellent advice and thanks for posting that.

It's very true about the "perception" that if you envoke your RIGHT to NOT incriminate yourself that many people will automatically assume you've got something to hide, but the numerous examples and reasons to keep your yap shut certainly are significant.

If I had a dollar for every time some 'ghetto rat' traded away their rights and surrendered CONSENT, which led to damaging evidence and/or probable cause... I could buy that new gun! (And I think consent is by far the easiest of all the exceptions to the search warrant rule.)

Great video and well worth the time.
I posted this on another thread a while back.

I couldn't get Ektarr's link to work, but it sounds like James Duane's lecture, which is a literal life saver. Here is the youtube link to the entire lecture. IMHO a must-see cor all 2A folks.

YouTube - Dont Talk to Police
It is a good video, but I do disagree a little. Granted I'm no law expert but with the various reading I've done, I believe it is a good idea to say enough to let the investigating officer know that YOU ARE THE VICTIM.

Mr Ayoob, has stated the same thing in some of his articles and it really does make sense. If nothing at all is said at the time of the incident, the perp giving statements can make you seem to be the instigator/criminal. I'm not advocating full disclosure of all the details, but enough should be said that it leaves no doubt that you are the victim. I know that even with no statement it should all come out during the investigation, but such is not always the case.

Just my $.02....
I understand your feeling, Skipjack.

We are brought up to believe that police officers are "the good guys". While that is certainly true as far as society goes, on an individual basis you and everyone involved in the altercation is under suspicion. If you are forced to draw your gun, but the BG ran off, then you should be the one to report it. While interviewing you the officer will remove your firearm. Provided they do not cuff you, you may relate what happened. If they do cuff you, you are probably going to be arrested, and it is time to assert the fifth.

If you discharged your firearm, you are going to be detained (arrested) and questioned at the lockup. DO NOT say a word without your (pre-researched and contacted) 2A lawyer present. Often they will tell you that they don't want to charge you, they just want to get the story. You must remember that police are NOT obligated to be honest with you. If they have read you your Miranda warning, you are arrested. Pay attention to that "anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law". You know what? It will.

I know that it sucks. We want to trust those that we believe will protect us. However, you must remember that, just because you are carrying a firearm (even with a permit) there are a lot of LEO's that consider YOU a bad guy.

Remember: Silence is golden.:pleasantry:

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