VA non resident permit, 45 day turn around.


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Why apply for a VA permit?

Have you taken a NRA course or hunters safety course, EVER? If so, you're considered competent to obtain a CCW.

Are you able to purchase a firearm? Not a felon, etc. etc. if so, you're eligible for a CCW.

Do you have $100 to pay the non resident filing fee? If so, you can get a CCW.

Haven't completed an NRA or hunter safety course? Use to order a home study course accepted in virginia.

Virginia shall issue your permit within 45 days.

I advocate responsible firearm ownership, and you should practice and be confident carrying a firearm, and the laws. However, a mandatory 15 hour course that instructors have to stretch out to meet time guidelines is just as bad as using loopholes to obtain your CCW.

I'm not a lawyer, do your own research. assume that I am wrong and carrying a non-resident permit in NM will put you in jail....

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