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MY CHP permit was denied the other day due to "Criminal possesion" charges.

This Charge stems back to early 05 (4+ years) where I voluntarily let the Police search my house. They turned up .63 grams (about the size of your pinky-nail) of Marijuana, I was charged and served out what was expected of me.

As I understand it, if it is a single charge, I should still be able to get the CHP. Do i have a chance with the Court of Appeals? I am learning to gunsmith and this would make things a LOT easier. Thanks guys. For the record, haven't touched anything like pot in at least 4 years.

Request ore tenus hearing

Under subsection I of Va. Code § 18.2-308, you may request an ore tenus (informal) hearing before the circuit court at any time within 21 days of receiving the initial notice of denial. There, you can make your case to the judge that the initial denial was in error and seek reconsideration without necessarily having to file a formal appeal with the Court of Appeals. Under subsection L of Va. Code § 18.2-308, you may file an appeal with the Court of Appeals if your application is still denied after the ore tenus hearing, or if you failed to request the ore tenus hearing within 21 days of the initial denial.

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