Utah Universities and their anti-gun policies


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Many know about the secret U of Utah campus police memos that were revealed a couple years back, which showed that they had a policy of harassing people who carried guns on campus. That attitude is more widespread than just at the U in SLC. Due to clothing considerstions, I used an outside the belt locking Kydex holster covered by shirt tails at the Utah university where I'm a student. After 3 years, some student complained to the campus police that he'd seen that I had a gun. I was told if it happened again I'd be banned from the campus for 3 days under penalty of arrest for trespassing, and if it happened after that I'd be banned permanently. All to the tune of "we support your right to carry (which, with my permit, is a matter of state law) but other students have a right to feel safe. Safe from what, an ex-cop who went through an actual East coast city police academy, as opposed to some community college POST course, which is how police out here are trained and certified, and a combat experienced Army NCO trained and experienced as a handgun instructor? I had actually spent the money on a Glock 27 specifically for school when I first enrolled because of its concealment advantages over my normal full sized 1911, so it wasn't as if I just didn't care. After about a half hour of talking with the cops we decided that the best way to prevent accidentally revealing the gun would be to use a small of the back holster, which I think is the worst way to carry for reasons ranging from ease or draw to security of the weapon. But if that's what it was going to take, I'd do it. This was at 6PM on a Thursday, when there was no place in the city where I could buy the thing. The few places that were still open didn't carry them. At 10AM the next day, Friday, they came by again. The same student, who was no doubt making a point of looking for the gun, complained again and I was banned from the campus for 3 days. They were all "we just warned you last night, now there's been another complaint the next morning," with a clear attitude of me being some kind of ******* who disregarded their rules, and I was banned for 3 days and told that one more complaint, no matter when it might happen, would result in a permanent ban from the school. The fact that the first time in 3 whole years that I'd even heard there was a problem had been Thursday night, that there had been literally no possibility of doing anything about it yet, and that I intended to go get a small of the back holster after classes that afternoon, meant nothing. And I was told that if anyone EVER again complained that they saw that I had a gun I would be permanently banned from the campus. And according to the Campus cops, this was not a matter of policy, but of state law. Although I do wonder whether or not that is actually true. If I had been going around regularly letting people see I carried a gun, that would have been a problem. But to kick me out of school the morning after first telling me there was a problem, and putting me under permanent threat of being permanently barred from the school even though I was in the process of doing what I could to remedy the pronbblem? Of course, nobody ever explained to me why my rights as a student, which are a matter of state law, are automatically inferior to some other student's right to be free from his or her completely self-created and imaginary fear. No, the "let's harass people who carry firearms" attitude is NOT limited to the U of Utah in SLC. It is, apparently, system-wide.


Please edit your post and add some paragraphs. I guess you never learned how to write a proper article or paper as a University of Utah student.

I also call BS on your story, unless you can actually provide a consistent timeline of what happened, including the procedures that banned you temporarily and permanently. Your story is inconsistent with Utah law. Read Laws Concerning Carrying Concealed Firearms on Utah's Campuses.

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