USMC Parris Island : Gun in Vehicle?


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Good morning all, My son is graduating USMC BC in Parris Island. I have a CCP for the State of Florida and realize the it does not reciprocate to SC. My question is : What are the rules for bringing a handgun on base if it is locked in a motorhome? Thanks, Dave

You bring up an interesting two part question. As for traveling in SC in a motorhome if you have a glovebox or console that would be fine to carry it loaded in that. Without one of those you are supposed to have it in a case behind the passenger compartment but how that owuld relate to a motorhome I don't know. Unless you run into an idiot LEO you are not going to have any problems in SC with one as long as it is not on the dashboard or out in the open. Every LEO I have ever known in SC doesn't worry about it if you let them know and aren't waving it around. I am sure you are going to get other opinions.

As for Parris Island that is strictly controlled byt the base Commander and you have to go by his rules. I have no idea what they are and it doesn't matter what the states of SC or FL say his word is law on the base. Maybe your son can find out.

Third, congratulations to both you and your son. I am sure you are proud of him and have every right to be. When people talk about not wanting to bring a child into this world because of the bad stuff I say that someone has to populate the planet with good people. We appreciate his service.
Thank you. What I have found out so far is :

SC rules are to keep it in the glove box or center console. If it has neither, keep it in a locked box in the motorhomes cabinets, etc.

When entering the base, DECLARE your weapon upon arrival. Show them your CCP, ID etc. and they should not have a problem with it.

Thank you. I am very proud of him myself.
Yes be sure you Decleare you weapon as soon as you arrive... Being a Marine SENPER FI: to your son,
As for S.C.... I at least hope we have not changed that much

If I was a LEO and were talking to a driver / occupant of a motor home, I would assume they have guns in there... where and how they are stored would not be important. If they ment me harm, I would already be.

As for Paris Island... let the guard at the gate ask the question. If they do, then declair it, If they don't then don't worry about it.

My father, One of the Chosin Few (or Frozen Chosin as some call them) by the way, goes to a local Army PX pretty often and they told him just to keep it in the car and don't carry it.
Big old sign outside the gate reads... NO WEAPONS PERMITTED. I think that declaring a weapon to the MP's at the gate would get you denied access unless they were registered with PMO. I could find out the particulars if anyone is interested.

That said. I used to go over to the PI Rec fire pistol range with a trunk full of handguns every Saturday without any issues. The only time you would have a problem is if you were searched. Another sign reminds you that entry upon the installation subjects you to a search at any time.

Talked with the MP's this morning on the gate and they said that it would be better if you didn't bring it. He also said that if you did bring it you MUST keep the gun UNLOADED and the ammo separate from gun. (i.e gun in the locked glove box, ammo in the trunk, or vice versa). He also said that it would be best if you said nothing to the MP about the gun. DO NOT DECLARE.


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