US Govt Spying on 70-80yr old Veterans


God Bless Our Troops!!!
By Robert L. Rosebrock, Staff Writer

June 28, 2009 is a day that will live in both infamy and honor in the lives of America's Military Veterans and We the People.
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On that day, the sleazy VA bureaucrats of the West Los Angeles Medical Center infamously ordered a surveillance van to park within 100 feet from the front gate where The Veterans Revolution hold their peaceful Sunday Rallies to “Save Our Veterans Land,” and to monitor their every move.

Amateurish and Phony
The government's silver Ford van with blackened windows and no license plates was as conspicuous as a drag queen in a football team huddle. Moreover, the government's amateurish attempt to disguise their despicable spy machine as a gardener's truck with a shovel, rake and hoe at its side was as insulting as a Veteran having to shake hands with a corrupt politician.

Professional and Bold
Nonetheless, when Walter Martin and Luis Rivera, who are both Post Commanders of the Military Order of Purple Hearts, showed up for the 67th consecutive Sunday Rally, they were informed that we were being monitored by the nearby surveillance van.

Without hesitation, Commander Martin, said: “Luis, get in your car ... we're going in there.” And go in there they did.

Luis drove his red Dodge Magnum station wagon onto the Veterans' Grand Lawn alongside the surveillance van and both Commanders boldly got out and walked around the van and took photos.

Suddenly, a sloppily dressed “gardener” jumped out of the van and ordered them to stop photographing. The “gardener” had obviously called for backup support inside his spy machine because within seconds, several federal VA police cars and an unmarked car sped aggressively across the Veterans' Grand Lawn with their red and blue lights flashing while sweeping in on the “crime” scene.

Military ID Not Good Enough
Commander Martin, a 22-year Army Special Forces Veteran, showed his retirement card for identification and the VA Gestapo police didn't want to accept it as valid ID, even though he was standing on Veterans hallowed ground and both Commanders were wearing their Purple Heart caps and shirts.

For nearly an hour, the VA's thug police detained and questioned the Commanders and photographed Luis's car, while their fellow henchmen were on the phone talking to their “superiors.”

Curiously, the “gardener” and his spy machine conveniently disappeared from it's own crime scene never to be seen again.

Soon after, the VA Gestapo police released Commanders Martin and Rivera from their wrongful detainment and they returned to cheers and applauding at our 67th consecutive Sunday Rally.

A Day of Infamy
June 28, 2009, will forever be a day of infamy for America's Veterans as this was a day that our own U.S. government attempted to spy on 60, 70 and 80-year old World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans who were peacefully demonstrating in defense of their own sacred land.

June 28, 2009 will forever be a day of infamy for America's Veterans because this was a day that sleazy VA bureaucrats ordered either an FBI or Homeland Security surveillance van to monitor innocent and elderly Veterans who peacefully demonstrate every Sunday against those who have perpetrated the pillaging and plundering of their sacred land.

A Day of Honor
June 28, 2009 will forever be a day of Honor for America's Veterans as this is the day that two Purple Heart Veterans stood up and challenged the U.S. government's illegal spying on their fellow Veterans.

June 28, 2009 will forever be a day of Honor for America's Veterans because this is the day that two Purple Heart Veterans backed down a phony “gardener” who was spying on fellow Veterans and forced the spy master to pick up his phony shovel and get the hell off of Veterans sacred property.

America's Military Veterans and We the People owe an enormous debt of respect and gratitude to Army Veteran Walter Martin and Marine Veteran Luis Rivera, both disabled, for serving not only their Country with Duty and Honor, but their fellow Veterans as well.

Join The Veterans Revolution
If the Founders of this great nation saw what was going on against the defenders of America's freedom and independence by the public servants of the very government they established, they would start another American Revolution.

It's time for America's citizenry to stand up and defend those who have always defended them by joining the Veterans Revolution and start demanding the immediate removal of these traitorous tyrants from the public payroll.

Every American citizen is urged to turn their American Flags upside down and to start wearing their American Flag lapel pin upside down because Veterans lives and property are in extreme danger.

God Bless America and The Veterans Revolution.


Jesus - Our Greatest HOPE
What a disgrace. I miss my father dearly but I am so glad he is not here to see this great country he fought to protect being destroyed.


Liberty or Death
Now if the scum bags in office have the nerve to spy on elderly veterans, what makes you think they aren't spying on people like you and I? This very post has probably been filtered and searched by web-bots looking for keywords, all in the name of fighting "terrorism," but all for the cause of controling the People.

May God have mercy on those who have sold out our beloved republic, and who perpetrate this disgusting tyranny.


New member
well BO has said he wants his own force more powerful than the one we have already... gee I wonder why? maybe because the one we have is actually loyal to our constitution?

acts like this disgust me!


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We are all being spyed on I am sure. Everytime you make a phone call or as said when you put something on the internet. Big Brother is watching.


Thank God I'm alive!
While I'm not quite as cynical as HK4U, it is indeed a disgrace that this country has become more of a police state since 9/11. While better intelligence and better security are indeed needed in light of the terrorist attacks, spying on a bunch of senior citizen veterans is not going to achieve that. Read my signature, honor it, and respect it, because the government certanily won't out of "inconvenience."


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Actually, I tend to agree with HK4U on this one. The level of "monitoring" inside our own borders has skyrocketed since 9/11/01, and despite some political tongue flapping regarding curtailing the Patriot Act GW Bush took so much heat for, we don't hear so much about it now... Interesting how what was so intrusive under Bush's watch may be a beneficial tool for the current socialist regime.

I'm no Bush fan, but I cannot help but notice how EVERYTHING was Bush's fault, and now - Obama doesn't wear that same mantle. (I know, the media are obama's whores, so I'm not remotely surprised.) Sorry, that's Off Topic.

My guess with these senior veterans - and IMHO it's only a guess - the surveillance and attention they drew probably had a lot more to do with the "big R" in their organization's name, moreso than their ages or DD214's.

That would be one of the "hot button" words that entities like the NSA and others are looking, listening and reading into. Regardless of their level of surveillance, whether hi-tech IT monitoring, or junior G-men doing a lousy job in a fake gardener's van, they'll be out there collecting data.

Generally, I'm not a big fan of Hollywood, but Gene Hackman in "Enemy of the State" portrayed a guy like many guys that are likely to really exist. The "problem" for a free society governed by such an overtly corrupted and morally bankrupt government is that this same government controls the assets and "watch dogs" - to protect their own interests, with little to NO regard for the people that elected them into their seat of government-sanctioned corruption.

While the "black & white" of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights is relatively easy to read and understand (except for obama and the commies that are the ACLU), it will always come down to a matter of situational application and interpretation. You can be completely within your Constitutional rights, and have committed no wrong, and STILL find yourself as "lube" in the wheels of this massively corrupt and broken system. There's academic reality, and then there's life out in the murky gray.

I don't doubt for a moment that "we", as a free people, are monitored. That level of attention, I believe, expands exponentially when certain "factors" are included and introduced. Gun owners? Certainly. And "they" want more attention there. Outspoken against "the powers that be" and throw around words and terms that scare them - definitely. You'll draw some attention, and they won't be the Hawaiian Tropic Girls...


Tool Maker
It sounds like something out of the Keystone Kops... The Keystone Spies, maybe like the movie Enemy of the State, Really cutting edge tools being used by utter mouth-breathing morons.

Were I there, I'd have had a more... measured reaction. It's a fair bet those veterans know a few military vehicle enthusiasts. (Check out Steel Soldiers ) Get four of those big Deuce-and-a-Halfs, and one morning, park them about a block away from the Sore Thumb Van, each with a camera lens (no camera needed) sticking out from under the cargo cover, pointed at the STV.

If that doesn't give them the message that the surveiller can themselves be surveilled, then the next day, move those trucks half a block closer. If the message is still not delivered, on the third day, when the STV parks, have the Deuces swoop in, one *right* in front, one *right* behind, to the point that they can't see the building they're surveilling, and the other two right across the street, all with their lenses poking out from folds in the tarps at the STV.

And having parked, shutdown the engines, and locked up the Deuces, don't get out and confront the "gardenner", just get out and walk toward the building being surveilled, hands in the pockets, whistling. On this day, four actual cameras in the Deuces recording the resulting Chinese Fire Drill would be nice. YouTube always needs more funny videoes.

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