Urgent, Again: Sen. Coburn Stands Alone In The Senate


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Sen. Coburn Standing Alone In Holding Up The Veterans Disarmament Act
-- Coburn needs your help right away!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"When the NRA and Chuck Schumer agree, that tells you it's something worth doing," Schumer said.
-- The Associated Press, September 26, 2007

The quote above explains the problem we are facing. Both sides of the gun control debate -- with the exception of Gun Owners of America and many pro-gun groups at the state level -- are supporting the Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640).

"Propelled by a rare alliance between the National Rifle Association and majority Democrats," the AP explained, "the legislation was passed in similar form by the House and would be the first major gun control law in more than a decade." Both sides are screaming for passage of this bill!

But you should realize that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been working with Gun Owners of America and, right now, is standing ALONE in the U.S. Senate to hold up this dangerous piece of legislation -- which is being pushed by the Queen of Gun Control in the House (Carolyn McCarthy of New York) and the King of Gun Control in the Senate (Chuck Schumer of New York).

Consider what the above news report had to say late last night:

"Majority Democrats in the Senate were poised as early as this past Monday to bring the bill to a vote until Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., objected," the AP stated.

Sen. Coburn understands that the bill is anathema to gun rights and will result in the disarmament of (potentially) millions of additional, law-abiding Americans. "Veterans, or any other American, should not lose their Second Amendment rights," he said, "if they have been unfairly tagged as having mental health concerns."

Coburn gets it. He is absolutely correct in regard to his concerns with the bill. But why aren't other pro-gun Senators standing with him?

Your help is desperately needed right now. Even if you have taken action against this bill in the past -- even the recent past -- we still need you to do so again. There are two important action items:


Please contact Senator Tom Coburn via his Link Removed to thank him for his defense of gun rights. He's willing to fight the fight, but it will help him know that he has millions of gun owners standing behind him. (A pre-written letter is provided below to guide your comments to Sen. Coburn.)


Please use the second pre-written message to contact one of the other Senators who need to join Sen. Coburn in actively working to defeat the Veterans Disarmament Act -- just choose the one nearest to you. The Senators who need to hear from you, and their contact info, are as follows:
Link RemovedSen. David Vitter of Louisiana
Link Removed
Phone: 202-224-4623

Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky
Link Removed
Phone: 202-224-4343

Sen. James Inhofe
Link Removed
Phone: 202-224-4721

Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho
Mike Crapo, U.S. Senate: Email Form
Phone: 202-224-6142

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina
Link Removed
Phone: 202-224-6121

----- Pre-written letter to Sen. Coburn -----

Dear Senator Coburn:

Thank you so much for standing up for the rights of gun owners! You are a breath of fresh air in an institution where senators often put the interests of their fellow legislators above the interests of the American people.

Your defense of liberty is being noticed out here in the "hustings." And we are very grateful for what you've done in opposing the Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640). Please continue to stand strong; you have our support behind you!


----- Pre-written letter to Senators Vitter (R-LA), Bunning (R-KY),
Inhofe (R-OK), Crapo (R-ID) or DeMint (R-SC) -----

Dear Senator:

I gather from press reports that Senator Tom Coburn is courageously blocking passage of the Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640). I know that you are a pro-gun senator, and it just seems to me that you should be standing beside him in actively opposing this bill.

The Associated Press noted the "rare alliance between the National Rifle Association and majority Democrats." It also quotes the otoriously anti-gun Senator Schumer as saying, "When the NRA and Chuck Schumer agree, that tells you it's something worth doing." Well, I disagree.

While the NRA does some good work in the areas of shooting competitions, firearms training, etc., THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME when they support the Veterans Disarmament Act, which is being sponsored by Carolyn McCarthy in the House (HR 2640) and is being pushed by Chuck Schumer in the Senate.

Please... please... please... stand with Senator Coburn in fighting this legislation. The bill is anathema to gun rights and will result in the disarmament of (potentially) millions of additional, law-abiding Americans.

That is why the Military Order of the Purple Heart is opposed to it, having stated on June 18 of this year, that "[f]or the first time the legislation, if enacted, would statutorily impose a lifetime gun ban on battle-scarred veterans."

Grassroots gun owners are opposed to it, too. So please do EVERYTHING you can to kill this bill. I hope you will contact me and let me know what you intend to do.



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