Urgent Action Required

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Urgent Action Required

URGENT! Anti-gun Chicago talk show host Milt Rosenberg will be hosting a radio debate
on the REPEAL of the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution on superstation WGN Radio.
WGN has a huge market and can be heard on air in many states and around the world
streaming live on the internet....this is not just an Illinois issue. (Note that
if you cannot click on the link directly, copy and paste the entire link into your
browser's address bar.)
WGN Radio - Around the World []WGN Radio - Around the World
The following is taken from an urgent email just issued by the Illinois State Rifle
Association. This is a TRIAL BALLOON people. Don't forget where Obama came from....Chicago.
If you care at all about freedom then you recognize that an on air debate about
abolishing the 2nd Amendment is the shot across the bow. Read and respond:
Defending our Constitution will be Bob Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute.
The debater who will be attacking our Constitution has not been named as of yet.
1. Mark your calendar to listen to WGN Radio, AM 720, on Thursday, March 26, 2009
beginning at 9 PM. If you cannot receive WGN in your area, you can listen to the
program live on the Internet at WGN Radio - HOME
2. No matter where you live, please be sure to call the radio station's call in
line at (312) 591-7200 and ask to speak your opinion on what has been said. It would
be best if you voice support for the 2nd Amendment and Mr. Levy's statements rather
than personally attacking whoever the anti gunner is.
3. Please pass this alert on to all your gun-owning, freedom-loving friends, your
gun club, and anyone else you know who would be interested in calling in to the
radio show to defend our Constitution.
4. Please post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards or blogs to which
you subscribe.
It is important that you call the radio station and continue to call until you get
through to speak. The more pro-gun callers we get, the better. Don't let the anti
gunners use this forum as a vehicle for trampling on our Constitution!
Let's do what we can to generate a nation-wide response to this latest attack on
our rights!


Interview with Ted Nugent

This interview between Ted Nugent and Concealed Carry Magazine was reprinted with
permission by Ted Nugent.

On Feb 25th, Attorney General and avowed gun hater Eric Holder announced the intentions
of the Obama administration to re-up the 1994 assault weapons ban, this time with
some additional threats to our liberties. Ted, can "we the people" stop this from
happening in today's political environment and what is your recommendation as to
how to go about stopping it?

TN: Though the Obama administration is plowing forward (backwards) with his full
on antiAmerican agenda on every issue, the real guilt for most of America's problems
must be shared by apathetic Americans who have so miserably failed to participate
in this glorious, uniquely American experiment in self government, most notably,
Americans who claim to believe in freedom but are not current members of the NRA.
Please join the NRA and unite for a counterpunch that could destroy the gun control
monster once and for all. Constantly communicating our families' beliefs with our
elected officials is Job One for all Americans.

In your opinion, was the 2008 election of Obama a referendum on gun control as the
Brady Campaign would have us believe?

TN:Typical of the Brady liars, nothing could be further from the truth. Even your
most diehard leftist liberal Democrats avoided the gun control issue like the plague
for even they know it would be their deathknoll. [They] bank on the painfully accurate
assumption that many Americans are not paying attention. America will get what we

Ted, the political landscape of this country changed radically on January 20th,
2009 with the help of an extremely biased national "mainstream" media blatantly
pushing an Obama/left wing socialist agenda during the campaign. In your opinion,
what made this proud nation, built on rugged individualism and the gun, turn to
an avowed leftist as a leader?

TN: The smell of victory from WWII was short lived, and a once rough, tough brave
America began its decline shortly thereafter into the doldrums of "feel good" denial
and politics. The liberal media and leftists were emboldened to tread on America
with impunity. The failed American education system made it a point to eliminate
the painful yet pivotal information about Nazis, deathcamps, Battan Deathmarches
and the atrocities of evil people destroying innocent lives through tyranny, slavery,
corruption and sinful abuse of power. Therefore, we became ripe for such abuses
shortly after the Vietnam embarrassment. Though rugged individualism and a glowing
entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in this great land, the parasites amongst
us have gained so much ground that liberal democrats offering policies benefiting
bloodsuckers have created a glut of bloodsuckers. We are about to hit a deadend
brickwall, but everybody I know will never, ever give up being the best that we
can be to turn this great nation back onto the True North course of the US Constitution,
Bill of Rights, Ten Commandments and Golden Rule. It is time for absolute activism
by all who care.

As you are aware, guns and ammunition have been flying off of the shelves since
roughly October of last year as the election approached. It is said that the civilian
population is arming itself at a historical rate. Being that history has a tendency
to repeat itself, is another armed conflict possible in this country as the radical
left, a rabidly liberal congress, and an Obama administration attempt to chip away
at our God-given right to keep and bear arms and defend ourselves?

TN: Such drastic damage control is always a possibility, but I believe that it will
never get to that because so many Americans are just too smart and clever to allow
such self destruction to take place when it is so unnecessary. I believe we will
fall further into the grips of denial and excuse making, but will eventually wake
up and once again return to an America dedicated to rewarding excellence and punishing
slovenly, gluttonous self loathing.

I'm sure the readers would love to know what your favorite carry gun is...care to
let us know?

TN: Surely Rule #1 is to always have a gun, preferably 2 on us at all times. I love
all my guns but have come to rely on my Glock Model 20 in caliber 10mm, along with
the Glock Model 29 in the same caliber. But choice of gun is far less important
than dedication to training and practice.

Ted, I'm a huge fan and have been to several of your concerts over the years. In
fact, I was at your concert in the NJ Meadowlands seated on the field near the 50
yard line in, I believe, 1977 when you shared the ticket with Frank Marino and Mahogany
Rush, Journey and Aerosmith. I was also seated up in the rafters during your infamous
New Haven CT show a few years later that erupted into a fireworks and bottle throwing
ruckus outside the New Haven Coliseum. My mom and dad, who gave us ride home from
the show that night, were great sports as we all huddled underneath an awning across
the street until the police got control of the situation. My father Don blamed
the incident back then on your "Crazy, Loud Rock n Roll" and thought you were a
lunatic. He has since become a huge fan of yours as a conservative and second amendment
activist. Would you be kind enough to tell my father after all these years that
it's just Rock n Roll and it's meant to be cranked up?

TN: Your father was smart to be suspicious of such an outrageous, passionate maniac
like me. And of course, over time, he came to realize the fact that with the same
energy and absolutism that I put into my music and defiant activism, I have always
stood up loud and proud in defiance of the goofball hippie rock-n-roll failures
so prevalent in my music industry. I have a feeling your dad and I are American
BloodBrothers. I just happen to create the properly intense soundtrack for us.

Second Amendment March and NRA Representative to Speak at Town Hall Meeting

Salem Sportsperson's Club
NRA, CCW, and Second Amendment Advocates Speak
6:30 PM April 2, 2009
North Dorr Hall
4790 22nd St.
Dorr, MI 49323

Interested in a concealed pistol license?
Interested in new gun laws that affect you?
Interested in the NRA and protecting your second amendment rights?

Join us for an informational presentation that will answer these questions.
We will have Allan Herman with the NRA.
We will have Skip Coryell who is a respected author on gun ownership and a main
organizer of the "Second Amendment March"
Mr. Coryell has donated several books as door prizes and will hold a book signing
at the meeting.
March Info: Official site of the Second Amendment March []Click-Through Tracking page
Books info: Link Removed []Click-Through Tracking page
CCW info: Midwest Tactical Training []Midwest Tactical Training
There is no obligation to join anything and there is no costto attend.

Feel free to e-mail any questions to [email protected] or call 616-437-9820
or [email protected] or call 616-299-7454 for more information or directions.

Second Amendment March Merchandise Now Available!

You asked for it, and it's here! Thanks to DJ from Clear Line Graphics and Joy
from USA Graphics, we are pleased to offer Second Amendment March merchandise such
as t-shirts, hats, pins, bumper stickers and more at Link Removed

When you purchase items from the store, you can be assured that 100% of the money
earned by Second Amendment March goes directly to supporting our second amendment
rights. The organizers of Second Amendment March are not taking any personal income
from these sales -- it's strictly a fundraising effort.

We'll try to add more designs and items as time permits. Thanks for your continued

Second Amendment March


Second Amendment March Donate Button []Click-Through Tracking page

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The mission of the Second Amendment March is to galvanize the courage and resolve
of Americans; to petition our elected officials against establishing anti-gun legislation;
and to remind America that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right
to self defense.
It is the one right that protects
all others.
We will accomplish our mission by a centralized, peaceful march in Washington DC,
the United States Capitol, supported by satellite marches to State Capitols and
other cities all across America.

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Clinging to God and guns
Great info Jonathan!! Thanks for posting!!! I am marking my calendar right now and I am definately going to participate!


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USA Today 2nd Amendment Gun Vote

Subject: USA TODAY Gun Vote

This is great...are they listening?????? Scroll down to do your voting...I
did!!! 1,538,571 96% say Yes so far @ 6:21 am Monday 3-30-2009.

You will immediately see the number of citizens who have voted.

This takes literally 2 clicks to complete.

Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a
few seconds of your time. Then pass the link on to all the pro gun
folks you know. Hopefully these results will be published later this
month. This upcoming year will become critical for gun owners with the
Supreme Court accepting the District of Columbia case against the rig ht
for individuals to bear arms.

First - vote on this one.

Second - launch it to other folks and have THEM vote - then we will see if
the results get published.

Vote in the USA Today poll - click on the link below.

The Question is:
Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?

Vote here:

USATODAY.com - Quick Question



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Talk Radio on watch list


Did you hear that talk radio has now been added to the Homeland Security Watch List?

I wonder if the American Legion, and USA Carry has also been added.


Tea For One

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You can bet on it my friend. If you haven't already seen it, look at this DHS document that just hit the fan this week.

Link Removed

The DHS is lumping law-abiding, pro-2A citizens in with criminals.

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