Update on Cast Bullets....


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I was meeting a buddy of mine at the range today at lunch so I loaded up another 50 rounds of my cast lead bullets. I changed three things:

- I seated the bullets at an OAL of 1.74"
- I also applied a slightly heaver crimp. (Thought this may help the case mouth from catching on anything)
- Also loaded a slightly lighter powder charge of 5.1gr of accurate #2 (wanted to see if this makes any difference in the amount of leading)

I also took a mag that I've used several times and never had an issue with.

Rounds were very accurate and out of 50 round I only had one issue. One round didn't angle up out of the mag so when the slide closed it drove the round into the bottom of the feed ramp/frame. I racked the slide and it chambered. This may have just been a coincidence but I never had the stove pipe style issues. I'm going to keep the same formula and try another 100 rounds and see if they are ok.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!

Glad you got the right formula for your firearm! Now just tweak it until you get the best load and stick with it.

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