OC for Tactical Advantage
Did I lure people in on my awesome topic title?!?

Well...it's the title of a movie as well! Just so happened to be on the free movies list for my awesome basic cable:sarcastic:

What got my attention was the first person they bust, Sam Barrows (who in the movie lived in the same town as I lived in not a week ago LOL). Here is a run down of what happens:

1.) Someone posts spam message online about free music, when you download the program it sets up a background program to steal financial information.
2.) The agency sets up it's own trojan to see what the cyber bad guy is doing.
3.) They find the WiFi router being used through an IP search, but it comes up as an old lady, so they widen the search to the surrounding houses.
4.) They pull up the neighbor, Sam, and see he is registered for 3 handguns and 2 assault weapons. "That must be the guy."

I am not fully aware of everything the government can trace and can't trace, but as much as I wish this was just movie magic, I feel this is closer to reality.

What is your thoughts?

If you want to watch this scene, find Untraceable and it's within the first 15 minutes.

Why would someone who is a bad guy have his guns registered? Hollywood Fail.

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