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No matter how hard you try....when handling a lethal weapon....accidents can occur....Remember that you have a serious type weapon in your Possession! For example....when crossing an Obstacle ( like a fence or wall? ) the Gravity issue always occurs.... The unknown factor can happen! A tree branch or wire from a loose Telephone pole or just a kid's toy! Might be in your close Proximity? Giving rise to an accident:::::::::::::::::::: Always keep an open mind to these issues! You see years ago, when I was a security officier, giving chase to a Suspicious character.....my Holster was caught by a branch from a bush.... Pow! My Revolver fell & discharged....UNKNOWN factor occurred?


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I would be interested to know what kind of revolver you were carrying and how it discharged simply by being dropped. Most guns should not do this.


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Sounds like improper equipment to me. Did the holster cover the trigger guard. In the past a lot of holsters did not. If not, the branch probably caught the trigger and set it off. You have to Know your equipment..


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+1 to what's being said above. A single action revolver in the cocked position with no sort of internal safety or protection from dropping? Then I could see it happening, but it seems like the sort of weapon that isn't fit for carry. That's why the two common and popular types of carry weapons are double-action revolvers (very heavy trigger pull, near impossible accident discharge and dead reliable) and semi-auto pistols with safeties of all kinds (grip safety, internal safeties, firing pin blocks, etc.) that ensure the weapon only discharges when the trigger is pulled. Or even DA/SA semi-auto pistols that are a combination of both! I've owned handguns that would go off if dropped. But I'd never carry them.

The reality is, those aren't unknown factors. I know something could snag the holster, I could drop the weapon (pretty hard for it to fall out of a good retention holster but that could happen too). Because we know these things we have trigger guards on our holsters, and handguns that have been engineered with these issues in mind.

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