Unknown factors----corruption & misuse of officials powers!


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It's been shown to me ((( corruption! ))) Even, though...I'm a good law abiding decent citizen.....never been in trouble with the LAW.....never did a crime.....never want to go to Jail! BUT with these corrupt authorities making their own laws.....I've been in jail 3 times.....falsely arrested for bogus charges....It's unbelievable! Me....Go to Jail? It's a sign of Terrible injustice! It's so Frustrating......And the state of SC is quite aware of these ""CORRUPTIONS!"" A Reliable law firm, told me about it....And it's so BAD, that they wouldn't take the cases.....EVEN, a Victoria Middleton from the CHAS.,SC branch of the ACLU (((( told me that they don 't have the time or money to fight such corruption in a fixed crooked state court system! )))) They wouldn't touch my cases? It's that ""BAD!"" Nice deal?????????? Sadly put into back log of cases.......


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Huh first post and the most cryptic one I've seen. Welcome to the forums truthteller. Mind explaining what all your rantings are about?


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Yes. Your narrative is the antithesis of your user name.

How about telling us the truth?

Given the rambling, incoherent babble, it would be a welcomed, fresh as the morning dew enlightenment.

Try to rescue your first post from an inevitable deep-six.

I'm sure you may do better, no?

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