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Has it ever been brought up to pass a law that makes individual states concealed carry permits valid for every U.S. state. Granted, I know there are states that do not issue concealed carry permits but the same principle should apply to CWP's as drivers licenses. Every state has a different set of standards and tests that are required to receive a drivers license yet it does not matter in which state that is obtained because it is honored in every U.S. state. How is concealed carry any different? Every person normally goes through a thorough background check and application process, some states even require continued or more in depth education such as classes. There should be no reason why decent and law abiding citizens should have their second amendment right trampled on and restricted by state and federal governments. Does anyone have any suggestions to get something like this done or know of any cases in which this has been done or may be in the works.


I like the idea myself but the progressive democrat cannot fathom the average citizen having a gun. Why? I'll tell you why! Then they would not have control and it's all about controlling you. That's why they are making the constitution irrelevant. We already have the right to carry guns anyway we want but big government has taken this from us. Speak up for your rights.


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I don't think anyone has ever thought of this before. you should write your representative in congress.


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Will say this again as this topic seems to come up quite often... Rather than adding another layer of laws telling us what we can or cannot do, they need to strip away the illegal laws that are already on the books.


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I like it! The only problem would be New York or Chicago. But like you said, we recognize their driver's license. We do in NC anyway. But I have a cure for that. If everyone but a few won't recognize a national concealed carry permit but a few, then maybe we will stop recognizing their driver's license where we are. Let 'em chew on that for a while...


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Its simple, we have federal laws and state laws. marriage, driving, and gun carry are all governed by the state governments. Marriage and drivers license have reciprocity because all the states agreed to do so. (except of course the whole gay thing) They have not and wont do the same for CCW permits. (or your states equivilent) There has been an increase in the reciprocity for CCW between a lot of states at that level, but I dont see there being a bill passed, (even with a republican congress), taking that right away from the states to choose.


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Wrlspfd - agreed. There are state laws and federal laws. Chief among the federal laws is a Constitution that says your RKBA shall not be infringed upon. A federal government that took their oaths of office seriously should take the states to court over their firearms laws the same way they are over Arizona's immigration law.


We already have the EXACT thing you are asking about, yet it is not followed, in fact, it is trampled on by nearly every state (and totally ignored by the fed govt)... it is called the 2nd Amendment!


It never ceases to amaze me how folks will run to the .gov begging it to protect the infringement upon the right to bear arms called a "permit"... the very "permit" the .gov put in place!!!!!!... and then think pushing for the .gov to stick it's nose even deeper into "permits" actually has something to do with furthering the right to bear arms.

A .gov controlled "permit" IS the very "infringement" mentioned in "shall not be infringed"!!!!! And a "permit to carry" is the exact opposite of the "right to bear arms"


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I was going to say "we already have one in the Second Amendment". It was already stated by other liberty loving members. I can't stand people of this country who would beg to be regulated by concealed carry laws. If you think background checks, permits, licenses, and more laws is the way to go, why are you here?

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