UN may be able to force Myammar to accept aid


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This is sorta scary. According to this article at MSN:


The UN may be able to force Myanmar to accept aid by invoking a "responsibility to protect" clause.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told reporters on Wednesday that the United Nations recognized in 2005 the concept of "responsibility to protect" civilians when their governments could or would not do it, even if this meant intervention that violated national sovereignty.

Wow, so the UN can go into a country to "protect the civilians" even if it violates national sovereignty. I agree that the people in Myanmar need aid and that the government is making it difficult, but the power of the UN really disturbs me.

Every thing about the U.N. is scary. Can you say "One World Government." Just wait until the day U.N "pease keeping forses" come here.
That sounds just like the power hungry S.O.B.'s
Just like child protective services. "We know what's best for you, and we will come in and take your children to protect them from you."

Remember, the government loves us all. President Bush suckles us. :rolleyesb:
... UN can go into a country to "protect the civilians" even if it violates national sovereignty...

It's wrong and scary, but the UN doesn't go anywhere or do anything. They use money from governments (often tax money stolen from US citizens) and troops from a willing state (US, Canada, Europe if we'll pay our own way--Africa, Asia if the US, Canada, Europe don't want to sent their own people), and blue helmets that say UN.

Without the willingness of governments worldwide to prop up the sham that the UN is a real international organization, the whole scheme would fail.
The UN is creepy, and the junta of Myanmar is incredibly stupid.

It's debatable as to whether the people who are in charge in Burma can be considered a legitimate "government" though. It's more like an extended spate of bullying that no one has really stood up to.
Very disturbing, but not very surprising. Before long they will try to have us all bowing down before the UN.

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