Titles are un-American.
Apparently some younger evangelicals are getting all fruity all of a sudden and pushing for Obama

There were voters from across the board: Republicans, Democrats and independents. Most were young, Christian by background, evangelical in theology, and they say they're hungry for something more than partisan politics.

Steph Walker and Amanda Widing had to settle for seats in the back.

"I would say that social justice and issues like that have definitely arisen as an important part of my faith and, because of that, it affects how I vote and think of those things definitely," said 21-year-old Walker.
I don't really mind liberals much unless they start talking about (1) how bad guns are or (2) "social justice". What does "social justice" even mean? I think they made that up.

According to Wikipedia...
Social justice is both a philosophical problem and an important issue in politics, religion and civil society. Most individuals wish to live in a just society, but different political ideologies have different conceptions of what a 'just society' actually is. The term "social justice" is often employed by the political left to describe a society with a greater degree of economic egalitarianism, which may be achieved through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or property redistribution. The right wing also uses the term social justice, but generally believes that a just society is best achieved through the operation of a free market, which they believe provides equality of opportunity and promotes philanthropy and charity.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. None of that is the government's job to handle. The government can achieve "social justice" by assuring rule of law and seeing to it that our legal and human rights are followed. Other than that, you're on your own.


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A person may call himself a Christian but that does not necessarily mean they are. I do not see how any Christian could be for Obama. Call yourself what you want to but if you look like a duck, walk like a duck, talk like a duck, smell like a duck. well you get my drift.


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I new there was some thing wrong with the way I walked must be the brown stuff. I realy thing evering after 1968 was a bad trip. USMC - over the pond - coming home to hate, work, marrage and all.

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