U.N. bureaucrat to investigate America


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Boris sent this to me today. What a load of:crap: This is one of the most ungodly groups of all time. We should never have been it the U.N.

N. bureaucrat to investigate America
Doudou Diene, a United Nations bureaucrat, will tour eight American cities to investigate allegations of institutionalized racism—and his report may be compromised from the start. Heritage expert Nile Gardiner explained to CNN’s Glenn Beck that “in his mind he has probably already written the report.”

Worse, continues Gardiner, director of Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, the United States is helping pay for this charade. “I imagine the U.S. taxpayer will be footing a great deal of the bill,” he said.

» Watch Nile Gardiner explain the U.N. investigation to Glenn Beck

“It is hard to take the U.N. seriously when its peacekeepers are actively engaged in raping refugees in the Congo and even arming rebel groups, or when it turns a blind eye to the man-made starvation of millions in southern Africa,” Gardiner writes on National Review Online.

“In the arena of human rights, the United Nations has become an emperor with no clothes,” he concludes, “a morally bankrupt institution that wallows in its double standards and appeasement of evil. Doudou Diene’s investigation of the United States should be seen for what it is: a desperate piece of political theater that underscores the U.N.’s growing irrelevance.”

Make them pay the parking tickets then kick them OUT. UN is not USA friendly so why do we allow them here?
The UN????

Here already? I hope they wear the little blue helmets.
Seriously...You can't spell unethical with out the UN:duimomlaag:
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Wait...is his first name seriously Doudou? That's awesome! :lachen: :lachen:

Ok, so...obviously we have some problems. De facto housing segregation in some areas...school funding being based on property taxes...black criminals being treated differently from white criminals...etc. That's well-established, and we've been making relatively good progress in many areas over the last few decades. It's largely a trial-and-error process, and while some don't take it seriously, we're doing the best we can. We're human. While it would be nice if everyone could live in a completely fair and just society, that is a world that will never be, at least by the hand of man.

However - we're parsecs ahead of most other nations with substantial levels of racial diversity. On the rare occasion that someone actually gets lynched, it makes news and the perpetrators run a very real risk of incurring capital punishment. Minorities have a real presence in Congress, and a huge number of local municipal assemblies around the nation have at least one or more minority members (less where there are less of them, obviously). Interracial marriage is largely accepted in most situations - in many areas, people don't even notice.

There's people getting burned alive as "witches" in Africa. The government of Myanmar apparently regards its citizens with nothing but contempt. Australia just gave voting rights to Aboriginies in the 1960s. Eastern Europe has a growing number of white supremacist groups, many of which claim allegiance to fascism.

Can't the UN find something more urgent to investigate than a nation that's making a serious effort at improvement? People are dying in serious situations, and they want to piddle around in a place where even people in prison are relatively well taken care of. :confused22:

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