Two Castle Doctrine Bills Sponsored in NC


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GRNC Alert 04-07-09:

Two Castle Doctrine Bills in GA - Act Now

The Castle Doctrine that would protect those who protect themselves
has been introduced in both the House and the Senate of the North
Carolina General Assembly. HB 1131, introduced by Rep. MARK HILTON and
SB 928 introduced by Sen. DOUG BERGER are both headed for committee.
You can help make it become a reality.

If faced with a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily
harm, would you like to have a reinforced right to use deadly force
without a duty to retreat? If you were forced to defend yourself or
you family would you like to spend the rest of your life defending
yourself in court, or would you prefer to have immunity from criminal
prosecution and civil action? These are the key questions to ask
yourself when considering the Castle Doctrine.

Under the Castle Doctrine:

* A reinforced right to use deadly force.

* No duty to retreat reinforcing your right to "stand your ground"
when attacked, rather than having to attempt to flee.

* In cases of justifiable use of deadly force it would grant you
immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action.

Countering the doomsday arguments posited by the same crowd who
predicted "blood in the streets" once the Concealed Carry laws went
into effect, the Castle Doctrine would have the following exemptions:

* You would not be protected if you are engaged in unlawful
activities at the time of the deadly encounter or if you provoked the

* Domestic violence exceptions: In general, if a restraining order
has been issued against you by the "aggressor," or the "aggressor" is
a lawful occupant of the residence, the presumption of fear of death
or great bodily injury available normally available for home
protection may not apply.

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* Thank the sponsors:

o HB 1131; Rep. Mark Hilton - [email protected], 919-733-5988

o SB 928; Sen. Doug Berger - [email protected], (919) 715-8363

* Urge the Committee Chairs to support these bills:

o HB 1131; Rep. Deborah K. Ross - [email protected],

o SB 928; Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell - [email protected],
(919) 733-7223


You may find your NC representative by going here:

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You may write your federal congressman by going here:

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You may write your FEDERAL senators by going here:

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