Turncoat Slams The NRA

One time spokesman speaks out against the NRA.

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Politicians are so afraid of the power of the NRA to destroy them that few dare call for serious controls on the sale of handguns and assault weapons.

I feel this is rather comforting. So what if they use part of my $35/yr for an executives salary. I pay other executives salaries by purchasing things and get little or nothing for it. The thought of anti gun politicians fearing the NRA just puts a big smile on my face. :D :D


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I have no problem giving the NRA $35/yr...none at all. I don't even really care what they do with the money. Regardless if you agree with their tactics or not, they are the biggest representative of the number of gun owners living in America.


The NRA is a very important organization that is involved in protecting our rights. We should all be members of the NRA and numerious other pro 2ND groups.

I not only gladly give the NRA the annual cost of membership but also some extra $ for some of their special requests whem I can.

spc :D

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I'am a life member in the NRA, I figure that if the anti gun zealot politicians lose at lease one nights sleep due to the efforts of the NRA, to keep the 2nd amendment strong. My money has been well spent.:)


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We can agree that they are the largest gun org. They need to be supported as does JPFO.
I don't always agree with the NRA's tactics but honestly believe they remain the front runners in the protection of the 2A. I will remain a member in the foreseeable future and continue to support them by purchasing from the NRA store and occasional donations.


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As I have said before the only perfect entity that has ever existed on this planet, was hanged on a tree.

The NRA is not perfect, BUT it is the best and most influential defense we currently have for out 2nd amendment rights.


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