Tuck This II, great product


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I bought a Tuck This II, designed for IWB carry/conceal of a Rugar LC9. Amazing holster and I'm so satisfied with that product, I'd even endorse it. The comfort is simply awesome, sometimes I forget I'm even carrying. I never knew what I was missing out on before. I had a Uncle Mikes holster just to have it until the TT2 came in and wow, I'm impressed. You might ask why I IWB a pocket pistol and here is my answer, BC I Want To! Lol. I highly recommend you look into this holster and for the price (mine was $35) how can you go wrong?!? The Uncle Mikes holster not ing was uncomfortable, it printed many times. Now I wear the same shirts and you can't even tell. Heck people don't think I even carry anymore (which many of those ppl I'm glad to fool ;) )
I hadn't seen much about this on the form and thought id share my experience.

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