Trying to find off the book carry pistols

Lots of people have had great experiences with Hi-Point firearms. That point isn't in dispute unless someone has been living under a rock somewhere. But all gun manufacturers have failures and defects. The market decides what will be an 'acceptable' failure rate, short of outright negligence or being a public menace. The problem with Hi-Point is that their failure rate has been considerably higher than most firearm manufacturers, and they haven't garnered a good reputation as a result. That doesn't mean they can't manufacture a good firearm, but it does mean that most people are unwilling to trust their lives to a gun that has a reputation for low quality and high failures. So those who can afford to will almost always opt for a gun with a reputation for higher quality and reliability. But Hi-Point is still around because there's still a market for low priced guns, particularly when they're intended for situations where lives don't depend on them (and looks don't matter). That likely isn't going to change any time soon unless something else happens to change that market, which means one thing. Hi-Point guns are a good thing for filling the market niche they occupy right now, even with a less than glowing reputation, so they do have at least some redeeming qualities.

well as far as automobiles, what was once American made is now made in Canada or Mexico as far as Ford, GM and Chrysler Corp. Want American Made then look at VW, BMW, Toyota. Even Nisson is made here is the USA with American made parts. Seems funny but so true any more. On the news the other day about these "American Companies are moving more production to Mexico after they build new plants there. Same with guns, look at where they are made. I own a Springfield XD that was made in Europe, not the USA. Also adding, Look at where a lot of the ammo is made anymore. Been seeing some major brands with Made in China listed. Not all but have seen some on the shelf listed that way.

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