Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

I am wondering where Trump, Pelosi and Schumer toasted champagne for a job "well played".

Not a single word, not even a synonym, about eliminating "incentives".

Not a single word about taking back his statement "raise the age to 21 to buy a gun", so that Women and Americans can protect themselves from these rapists and murderers that Trump talked about.

Not a single word about revoking the "gun stock ban", to defend against those evil gangs of 3 or more.

Not a single word about how 3 Million Texans along the border will be affected, residents and businesses, bankruptcies, displaced workers, declined property values., potentially adding more Americans onto government assist.

But they did mention a "Free-Market" trade deal, even though it is really Forced Unionization, to abide by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

I will eat popcorn now as the American people cheer like they did with Bush, then Obama, when they each stripped more Rights away from the American people.

Every presidency has its own "crisis", after all.

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