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anyone else a trout fisher?

I run spinning gear and a fly rod depending where I am in the state. Have not been having to much luck lately this last weekend I lost one when it broke my leader. How has the winter season been for you guys?
Was in the mid-50's here in Colorado yesterday(1-26) so I broke out the spiining gear and headed down to Arkansas river to see if there was enough open water to fish. Found some good spots and got to work. It was a bit slow in the morning but shaped up nicely in the afternoon. Took quite a few fish and had a great day.... All fish were released.... I do fly fish but rarely... Spin fishing is my passion.

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Awesome pics Blackthorne!

Fishing, nah, I haven't been fishing for nearly 2 hours now. Just got back from taking the grandkids to
Strawberry. The 2 yr old may be "hooked" for life.
I always lug around 2 rods. One fly and one spin. I use whatever is working. Actually on my boat I haul about 7 rods with me :yes4: Fly, jig, lure, fly and bubble, bass rig, Lake trout rig, kokanee rig. Fortunately my wife only brings 1. Either fly or spinning. If you want to fish in Utah give me a call. I'm just learning about bass fishing. Been a trout snob my whole life except for trips to Canada and Alaska.
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