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Alright guys think I got this figured out. I'm coming up to NC next week to go to the biltmore house since you can't carry were admission is paid that constitutes the biltmore house. correct? Also whats the carry law fir signs up there and for restraunts that serve alcohol? Thanks.

No OC or CC in places that sell AND serve alcohol. That covers restaurants. They are trying to get that changed, but...

The same for places that charge admission. Includes movie theaters, parks, and sight seeing places such as Biltmore.

Places that post no guns signs are off-limits, but the signs do not carry the weight of law. You could get charged with trespassing if asked to leave and you don't .

The city of Cary has a no guns allowed statute for city streets and sidewalks and other city property.

City and state and federal buildings are no-go places, of course.

Although rest stops along the highway are state property, carry there is allowed by statute.

If you don't have a CHP, be sure your weapon is IN PLAIN VIEW while you are traveling. Loaded or unloaded doesn't matter in NC. You can carry a dozen fully loaded AK's on your dashboard and that is legal. But lay your revolver on the passenger seat and forget and lay your jacket over it and that is illegal (concealed).

Hotels & motels don't charge "admission", they have room rates.
Don't read more into the law than is there.
Bout the only places is bars & clubs & concerts & movie theatres & such, places where you have to pay a fee or buy a ticket to get in.

For instance, Sams Club is legal. they charge a membership fee, but it isn't an "admission" charge. Your health club would be legal although you pay a membership fee, it isn't an "admission" fee.

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