Tribune Covers For Obama's Terrorist Friends


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Interesting article.

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It is about Time!

I warned of this some time ago after hearing it on the Hannity Show. Now we can see some fruits of this effort on the part of Mr. Hannity to expose this. I hope that this information is brought to light in a National forum so we can all share.:embarrest: in the squirming and the fidgeting that is to come.

Nice pictures and short write-ups of Osama, I mean OBAMA, that I found here: . :35-mr-t:
Yeah it looks swB]ee[/B]t, terrorists, radical Islamist cousin, [COLOR=dark orange]Imams[/COLOR], with a taste for fresh in-church roasted Christians! Some US radical organizations + their very angry looking symbols.
But this is a CC web-site so I'm not going to get all long-winded about what you can verify for yourselves.
"The Horror!"

Canis-Lupus :O_O:

The only thing that I am not sure of is he the antichrist or just the false profit [second beast.]
What I hope is that he is picked as the democrap candidate,and this stuf really hits the fan right before the election and he can't whitewash it and it costs him alot of votes and he loses the prsidential election.And he goes and cries and gets drunk with hitlery and bill.And he can't get elected to congress any more,niether can hitlery.
Hey,I can dream,right?


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