Travelling and car carry (Tn and AL)


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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I stuck it here.

I'm in KY, and need to go to Birmingham AL. CCW Reciprocity isn't
a problem, but what about carrying in the car (TN and AL)?

Anything I should be aware of? Specifically, console carry or
any other issues that are a no-no?

As long as you have a handgun license TN should be no problem at all. It is handgun only. It is also an open carry state. They do encourage you to keep it concealed though. I had an AL license about 7 years ago and I don't think there will be any problem there either. I am, however, not certain about AL. Things may have changed a little since then. Have a good trip.
Alabama handgun laws, for your perusal and edification

Luke has thoughtfully provided the information you seek.

From the top of the page, select "Permit Maps".
From the map page, left-hand column, sixth line down, select "Laws and Permit Info".
From that page's main column, select "Alabama".
This will bring up all the relevant legal aspects of Alabama carry.

The gist of it is, in some places and under some conditions (according to an AG opinion which I can't find here but of which I have a copy) open carry while on foot is allowed. Wouldn't test it, however, as most LE may not be aware. I'm sure you don't want to "beat the rap, but not the ride".

At any rate, when you leave your feet and enter your car, you'll need your permit and must carry "concealed". Glove box or console is probably OK.

Happy reading and everyone please remember that the title of Luke's site is
"Concealed Firearm Information and Resources".


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