Traveling to Indiana from Ohio


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Since Indiana has open carry. Can I still carry my firearm (I have my Ccw in Ohio) I will be traveling by car.

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Open carry is permitted in Indiana if one has a CCW. Indiana recognizes the concealed carrypermits of issued by all the other states.

IC 35-47-2-1 Carrying a handgun without being licensed;exceptions; person convicted of domestic battery Sec. 1. (a) Except as providedin subsections (b) and (c) and section 2 of this chapter, a person shall notcarry a handgun in any vehicle or on or about the person's body without beinglicensed under this chapter to carry a handgun.

IC 35-47-2-21 Recognition of retail dealers' licenses andlicenses to carry handguns issued by other states Sec. 21. (a) Retail dealers'licenses issued by other states or foreign countries will not be recognized inIndiana except for sales at wholesale. (b) Licenses to carry handguns, issuedby other states or foreign countries, will be recognized according to the termsthereof but only while the holders are not residents of Indiana. As added byP.L.311-1983, SEC.32.
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