Traveling to Beaverton/Portland area...


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Hi all, have to take a road trip with the family for softball tourney in Beaverton...Staying & playing in Beaverton but I'm sure we're passing through Portland @ some point. I have a resident Idaho Concealed Weapons License as well as my non-resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. Didn't have time to visit Sheriff Glenn Palmer in Grant County on a Wednesday (only) but trust me I will soon.
I will be driving a SUV with no trunk, but I do have several of the steel cable connected keyed (or combo) security handgun safes that I can connect under the seat(s).
It's gotten to the point that I really don't like traveling un-armed. It looks like the Portland area is the worst & I would need to lock up a gun & ammo in separate areas. I would either take my S&W 9MM (3913) or S&W 642 (my daily carry).



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I lived there for 25 years and it is not the most gun freindly place around. If you lock up your firearms and ammo as you stated you will be ok. I think you covered it fully. Oregon does not recognize any other state's permits.


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Does anyone know if the second "locked" container can secure LOADED MAGAZINES? Or do they ridiculously require them to be UNloaded?


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In Oregon you don't need a CHL to Open Carry, however if you don't have a CHL municipalities can restrict OC in public places and you guessed it - Portland is one of those cities, not sure about Beaverton though. If you have a CHL localities have to ability to place additional restrictions because of preemption rules. We were on the verge of enacting reciprocity - it passed the house solidly but then thanks to State Senator Floyd Prozanski and friends - they tacked on poison pills and tied up bills in committee to completely kill it.


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Wow, SO MUCH more awkward/UNsafe...Oregon politicians need to realize these ridiculous restrictions on Background Checked Law Abiding Citizens ONLY protects the criminal. Need to plan my Wednesday 13 hour round trip to Canyon City to see Sheriff Palmer's staff. Can't do without a yearly trip to Cannon Beach.


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working in Oregon

So is that the law, seperate locked containers when traveling in oregon for ammo and gun? I have my WA state CHL (where I live) but thought about keeping my handgun in my car for my to and from work in Oregon. but seems pointless if I have to have it locked up...I also dont have a trunk.

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