Traveling to auto show in Detriot


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I am a resident of Indidana and plant to attend the auto show this weekend in COBO Hall. Will I be able to carry into the hall or have to leave my gun in the car? Thanks Greg

Something tells me it is posted as a gun free zone, but I can't remember.I haven't been there in about 12 years.

I'm going to call sometime this week because I plan to go this weekend too.

The number I have for them if you wanted it is 313 877 8111.
thanks for the reply and phone no., CONFESS. i will call myself too. This forum is a great way to get info quickly on items of interest. Greg
With out checking, it's a gun free zone. Save the $12 and go get a steak. Besides, once outside Cobo and then Greektown, then the area can get a little intence shall we say...
Mike Thompson from the Free Press Editorial Staff trys to explain this years "Models" at the Auto show...

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This sure to make you grin... :biggrin:
I see your from the Fort, You a GM Guy?

I have been a GM guy most of my life. I got caught on Fords" Have you driven a Ford lately" slogan on an Explorer about 4 suvs ago. Thank heavens it was a lease. Right now however I would concider another because they are not owner by our government. Bravo for them. I do not work for GM if that was your question. I do have many friends that work there and I am proud of the good product they make here in fort wayne. I now drive an American, German, Italian Jeep. It did store my KelTec in the Desantis Nemisis pocket holster nicely in the console as I entered a bank with double security doors and a metal detector between them. And you guys thought this conversation was just about vehicles.

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