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Up front, I am a newbie so my questions may appear a little "brainless". But please bear with me, as I am a fast learner.

My Arkansas conceal carry license is honored in most western states where I want to travel. The one exception is New Mexico, which I normally go through on my way to Arizona. I don't really want to get a non-resident license for New Mexico, so how can I legally transport my pistol through New Mexico in my motorhome. I'm thinking unloaded gun in one storage compartment and shells in another. Is that correct?

2nd question - if I wanted to get a non-resident license for New Mexico, is that something I could do through the mail without actually going there and taking a class?

Thanks in advance for any advice.............Durango

I found this on the website.

New Mexico is one of our "Gold Star" open carry states. There is complete state preemption of all firearms laws, open carry is increasingly common and law enforcement is well educated as to its legality. In addition, New Mexico has an extended domain law which effectively makes your vehicle an extention of your home. So you may carry openly or concealed in your vehicle.

Doesn't look like you'll have any problems.
NM recognition...

Easiest solution is to get a FL, UT or VA. Since you have AR, I'd get a UT to give you the broadest coverage. Here's the Link Removed

You must reside in NM to get a NM CHL. NM is also like AR, AZ and NV; the class must be taken by an instructor certified by the issuing agency.

NM caveats;

  • Prohibited areas; there is a laundry list of them.
    The biggest one is that it's a felony to carry in an establishment that serves alcohol for on premises consumption. It use to be establishments that sold alcohol period. So be forewarned. If you stop and eat, make sure it's an establishment that does not maintain a liquor license; Denny's and IHOP are safe bets as it's national policy they do not serve alcohol and thus do not have liquor licenses. If you're not sure and you're staying the night somewhere in NM, call and ask. I also believe the establishment has to post outside prior to you entering that they serve alcohol for on premises consumption.​
  • You can carry only one and only one concealed firearm at a time, you can carry openly as many as you want.
    Funny thing, you can be armed to the teeth like Neo in the Matrix, but you put a duster on over your guns, you have several counts of unlawful CCW.​
  • NM is a dry CCW State meaning if you test positive for any alcohol or substance while carrying concealed you will be charged with illegal CCW.

NM is also a gold star open carry State with an extended domain law. It is legal for you to carry concealed or openly in your vehicle as long as you're inside the vehicle or within a 3' radius of your motorcycle. Your vehicle is considered to be an extension of your home with respect to carrying firearms.
New Mexico considers your vehicle as an extension of your home. You can have a loaded firearm in the vehicle and it does not matter if it is in the glove box or on the dash, no one will say anything. We are also an open carry state so you can carry it on your hip when out of the RV. Just make sure that your coat or shirt never covers the firearm, as some will say you are trying to conceal.You cant carry in a bar,restaurant that serves alcohol for on premise consumption, bank,courthouse, state building or school. Enjoy your trip.
Don't ever feel like your questions are brainless. None of us know everything, specially about other state laws. We would much rather answer your question than read about our fellow hand gun carrier breaking the law and going to jail. :D

Thanks for all the good advice. I do ride my motorcycle in NM, so you covered that for me also.

Do yourself a favor never think of your questions as brainless just because someone else might know it doesn't mean you SHOULD know it.

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