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Driving up to the great white north (Ohio) and back via 75. Have my Florida permit. Read the link to the states on this fine website but have two questions. please confirm or deny.

In TN Automobile carry, the weapon cannot have ammunition in the chamber?

In KY Automobile carry, loaded handguns are not allowed to be carried in the center console?

Any other tidbits on GA, TN, KY, or OH would be nice to share.

I-75 Travel

The rules you cited for KY and TN only apply to people who do not have a permit. With a permit, you may carry anywhere in a vehicle in those states.

However, in Ohio, even with a permit, you must carry your handgun(s) in the manner specified by ORC § 2923.16(E) or face potential felony charges.
In Ohio, as long as you have a permit and the weapon is holstered, you are fine. Ohio is a state that requires that you notify the officer on a traffic stop that you are carrying, and the law requires that you not touch the weapon during the encounter unless directed to do so. Drive safely, and have a good trip.

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