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I have an upcoming trip where I will be traveling from North Carolina to Nevada. I will be going through NC(home state and have a conceal carry permit). Will be making stops in Tenn, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then Nevada. I will be staying in Las Vegas for several days. I have researched all the state laws and it appears that all the states I am going through have reciprocal agreements or honor North Carolina's permit. However, how about Las Vegas? Can you take it to your room in the hotel/casino? Or, should leave in car that is parked in their garage? From what I read, it should not be an issue as Nevada honors North Carolina's permit. But, I don't won't to be in violation of local laws. Thanks for any advice.

Check this out

My vacation planning to California I called California highway patrol with couple questions. It gave me piece of mind when traveling. Check out how your ccw license is impacted by traveling on native American reservation if you’re going through. May not be valid on the reservation. Happy travels.

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