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Today was our County 4-H Shoot Off and both my girls are in trap. Got some pictures to share. We left before the final line went so don't know if we placed or not, but it was a pretty good day for my oldest who shot 89. Younger daughter did not have as good a day but did ok (probably not in the medals though).

Oldest daughter shooting the Benelli (she won the Seniors last year but doesn't have a high 90 this year so doesn't think she will do it this year.:
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Younger daughter shooting the Savage:
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Waiting for the line to start:
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Having a little fun ribbing the other shooters (who are all boys) before starting the 3rd round:
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One of their cousins was on the line with them, way outshot him, LOL:
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Finished with the 4th and final round and coming off the line:
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We have so much fun shooting :)

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