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Riding season is just around the corner so here's one for all you fellow motorcycle riders out there. Where and How do you transport your firearm on your bike when traveling through a state that doesn't honor your CCW? Most of my bags are within reach,so I'm a bit concerned. I also haven't put much thought into it until now.

Locking saddle bags or a locked pistol case inside an unlocked saddle bag however the latter seems to invite someone to steal it. Also unload and store ammo seperately in the other saddle bag.
Do the states you're traveling to/from have open carry laws?

Most of the states that I'm going to be going through honor my ccw. a few allow open carry through rural areas. I'm not sure if the Interstate is considered rural. I'm planning on going to Sturgis and am going to be traveling through Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota & South Dakota. Illinois and Iowa don't honor the ccw but allow open carry in Non-incorporated areas (IL) and Iowa is an open carry state with permit from what I understand. I'm going to assume that I will have to Transport it through Illinois, but what about Iowa.
If it is a restrictive state the bottom line is that the weapon & ammo be separate, the weapon be in a locked case. That being said as long as it is in a gun bag of some sort with a pad lock on it you should be OK. After all Federal law allows the transport of weapons across state lines.
It is also pretty easy to go to a states web sight to get all the particulars of their laws, with contact info to State Police to clarify the nitty gritty.
However you carry on a bike, be careful!
A biker buddy of mine who lives in Kansas City Missouri, had to go to work for the county for three to six months for "Transporting an unlicensed weapon across state lines"
I don't recall the particulars, but it was either going from Kansas to Missouri or vice-versa.
And it really didn't help matters that he had had a litle bit to drink, as well.:msn-drunk:
mags in 1 saddlebag,gun in other.also in sturgis.if your traveling though .dont get /have one in city limits
You need to recheck Illinois Law. Open carry may be on the books but I wouldn't try it even in rural areas. I live in this rights infringed state!

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