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I'm a non-FL resident who travels to FL frequently. I would like to sell (actually give) one of my guns to a friend who lives in FL. I know that FL law prohibits registration but is there some mechanism to indicate transfer of ownership? In short, I'd like some piece of paper that indicates I no longer own this gun. I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

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Assuming you're going to follow all legal routes, I would imagine since you're not a FL resident, you'd have to use an FFL to do the transfer. For liability's sake, you'd probably want to do that anyway, if for nothing else, to have proof of the transfer should the weapon fall into the wrong hands.
Wyn'tcha just get a receipt from him, or a Bill of Sale of some kind. Barring that, have him give you a check for $1 with a notation on it of the Serial Number being transferred? If he's a Friend, he'll understand the need.
Illegal per GCA of 1968 except one of the following cases...

  • If you're active duty military stationed in Florida.
  • You maintain a seasonal residence in Florida.
You need to get a Florida FFL involved. You could hand it to them or ship it.
Palm Beach Co. FFL Dealer

Can anyone recommend a gun shop in Palm Beach Co. who would assist me for a reasonable price. The only shop/range I know of is the one right off 95 in Delray Beach and I've found them to be expensive/unfriendly/unhelpful.

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