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All -

I live in northern lower Michigan and have been looking around for CPL training classes. I found a place in Gaylord however just left a voicemail. Before I talk to them I would like to know what 1 day course runs, ballpark? For warned is for armed.



Hello there,

While I cant speak about the classes below the bridge I can tell you that in the Upper Penninsula that the classes generaly run around $120 for a one day class. And then there is a $105 fee for the Finger Printing and Application Process at the County Clerks End.

I dont know if your at all interested in driving 3 hours for your class but if you would be I can put you in contact with someone that runs an exceptional class here in the U.P. and would be more than willing to have you attend. He has alot of you " Trolls " ( people that live below the bridge ) Come to his class .

Hope it helps.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
I'v seen the prices from 125 to 200, the one I went to was 150 with 3 hours of range time you had to do, class was good, in Battle Creek, southside sportsmans club.
Yep... Expect to pay around $150 for the class and another $100 or so for the apllication and associated fees. Kazoo county charges $6 for the lamination:grr:
I paid $150 plus ammo. From the NRA class to submitting your paper work it will be a $300 plus investment.

Thanks for everyone who replied. This is very helpful information.

Zippo74, thanks for the offer but I don't think I am up for a 3 hour drive, not at this point anyway. I will keep that in mind if I can't find any place taught by a Troll :laugh:
I paid 100 for mine. it was taught by a police cheif who did an excellent job. it was just north east of flint in otisville. pretty reasonable in my opinion. another class not far from there was 150.

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