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This is the email I received from Toys R Us when I inquired about their "No Firearms on the Premises" sign.

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support
center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

FW: Cranberry Twp Store 16066

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Response - 02/15/2011 07:10 PM
Dear Robert Bondi,

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us. We value all your feedback, positive and negative, as it helps us to understand how our guests feel and gives us an opportunity to evaluate any possible issues.

At Toys “R” Us, Inc., the safety and security of our customers and our employees is, and always has been, our highest priority. As a retailer that welcomes millions of kids and families into our stores across the country each year, we take our responsibility to create only the safest shopping environment very seriously. While we respect citizens’ rights to carry firearms in public areas according to certain state laws, our company policy prohibits customers from doing so in any of our stores out of an abundance of caution for the safety and protection of the children and families shopping with us.


Nathan Pavlish
“R” Us Guest Relations


Who will be there to protect me? If they wont let me carry my gun they wont get my money either. Why dont we all let these ant-gun businesses know how we feel. :mad:

Lakeland Man

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I just got the exact same reply from them. Its a form letter. Personally I think everyone here should send them a letter. Maybe if they get flooded with emails, they'll rethink their policy.

My original message to them is posted in the concealed carry category.


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The nearest store to us is in Wichita, KS 50 miles to the south. While Christmas shopping for toys I noticed their antigun sign and I told the kids I couldn't go in because I won't walk around without my pistol. They understood and suggested some other stores. We purchased all the toys we needed without having to disarm myself. I wouldn't even notice if Toys R Us closed their doors and neither would my kids.

I don't think their store personnel could protect us if something bad went down.


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Something must have happened as I have had a letter from them stating the contrary

from David Ross <[email protected]>
date Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 4:02 PM
Dear Mr. Ross:
Thank you for contacting Toys R Us regarding the recent tragedy in our store. Naturally, we want our guest's to be safe and feel confident while they are shopping. We adhere to the state law of whatever state a particular store is located in since the governing laws regarding gun control vary across the country. At this time I have not been notified that
this will change though I can not guarantee that it won't in the future. I invite you to submit your concerns to our corporate head office for further attention.

Toys R Us
Attn: Gerald Storch (CEO)
1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ 07470

If you have any further questions or concerns please email us or contact our customer service line at 1-800-869-7787.

Beverly McCann
Toys R Us Corporate Guest Relations Team

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