Top 10 Signs Your Cat is Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd!


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10. One day, without your permission, he gets his ear pierced.

9. Not only is your credit card overcharged, mainly for "9-Lives", but
you discover that the twenty dollars you lent it weren't REALLY
presents for a "sick friend".

8. You find attached to the refrigerator one day a note that reads:

"Leev a steak on the front poarch at midnite, or you'll never see
Spot agin.


7. Too many times a week does your cat come home after one in the
morning, totally sloshed and with the strong odor of catnip about

6. You come home to catch it in the act of raiding your liquor

5. Your cat attempts to asassinate the predident.

4. Several hundred dollars worth of phone calls appear on your phone
bill to "1-900-CAT-MEOW"

3. You find out that the lifetime's supply of cat food wasn't a
prize from "Kitten's Life" magazine, but that your cat has been
taking bribes from cat food testers.

2. After failing to get your attention with constant meows and by
rubbing up against your leg, your cat pulls out his Magnum-44 and
aims it at you, screaming demands about "Friskies" and catnip.

1. Your cat reminds you less and less of Garfield the cat, and more
and more like Bill the Cat

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